Why Chalo?

Comprehensive management of student and staff records, ensuring accurate tracking from the point of onboarding until the departure of the student/staff from the school.
Streamlines processes and automates all operations of the institution.
Boasts a user-friendly application interface that demands minimal training and digital skills from users.
Compatible with a variety of school systems, including CBSE, Matriculation, IGCSE, ICSE and State Board schools, ensuring seamless configuration across the board.
Offers an advanced Syllabus Planning and Tracking feature with meticulous attention to detail.
Offers advanced functionality such as automated marks entry, generation of customized rank cards, efficient attendance tracking, and seamless collection of fees with enhanced accuracy and transparency.
Provides a seamless communication platform wherein parents can receive prompt notifications on their child's attendance, progress reports, and fees payment via email, SMS, and WhatsApp.
Offers comprehensive academic student performance evaluation reports for all sessions.
Centrally stored database with zero redundancy with high level data security & user management.
Includes an automatic server database backup feature to ensure the security and reliability of data.
Fees Bills, TC printing and exporting of reports to Excels and PDF formats are supported.
An exceptional level of automation, particularly when it comes to time table generation and teacher substitution. These features have been designed to streamline the scheduling process and minimize the administrative burden on staff.
Parents Comfort: Pay Fees Online (through reputed payment gateways) within 10mins from anywhere – Cashless Fee Payment.
Includes automated integration (eliminates the need for manual intervention) with Tally for streamlined financial management.
AI Powered Online Fee Receipts Tracker: Helps to ensure 100% Fee Receipt generation through AI Powered tracker. The challenges of Fee Receipt generation due to network response time / user termination is solved with ease.
RRR (Receipts Reconciliation Report) Tool: Student ID-wise Fee (Online)Received and Credited in the bank account, gets reconciled and helps Accounts Team to avoid manual Excel Sheet reconciliation. This can be integrated with Chalo (Optional).

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